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When training software, I explore optimum usage approaches with my clients, as the use of IT in business has changed rapidly within key professions, and maybe none more so than within industries such as Healthcare, Law and Accountancy, and the enormous benefits and return-on-investment of such training lie in many areas. Of course the ultimate benefit lies in the enhanced professional servicing of your customers, in greater accountability, augmented governance, and in efficiency savings. But benefits of well provided Training  also lie in areas such as staff management, and in terms of progression and loyalty.


Training that I provide ends up being commercially cost effective.


I have over 25 years experience providing Training Services to major, London-based, Professional industry.


Without fail, every session run has been evaluated as excellent by the participants, who enjoy the learning delivered in a style that comprehends and considers their real-world challenges and practices.


Where the organisation requires an element of Change, ZKRS Ltd works to deliver an understanding of the rationale for that Change and best practice.


Whether in small or large classes, entire auditoria, one-to-one, deskside or remote sessions, I have trained thousands of staff with quality, targetted Training, to ensure that the organisation moves forward with more effective use of the company's investment in Software and associated Hardware and platforms.


What serious business now needs and what they will be needing in the near future, is for colleagues to appreciate and realise benefits of investment in technology...


 [Independent  Report "Making I.T. Work"].

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